Tuesday, December 29, 2009


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Saturday, December 19, 2009


Im not sure how I feel about all the snow we are getting today.
On one hand I LOVE having a White Christmas, the girls Love playing in it, and it is sooo beautiful hanging off the trees! On the other hand its COLD, and makes the roads dangerous.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nichole's Birthday

Nichole's birthday party is Friday!!
Guess whos mommy hasnt even given it much thought yet!!
We picked the date and time and sent out the invites(which we made) and that ends what I have done for or really even thought about the party.

She would like to have pizza bergers and chips for supper. she wants a sacavenger hunt, make a craft and eat Cupcakes. thats really all she has requested. Not too much. LOL

so what kind of craft?
what kind of cupcakes?
what kind of prizes?

This is soo not like me, I most have every moment planed of each party we host.

And to add to all the CRAMING planing, My brother and his New wife is coming in tomorrow, soo I have to clean, well I would be doing htat for the party anyways so thats not really extra. But I would like to have my Presents all wraped, since we are having christmas parties Sat night then again sunday. Not sure If i'll get everything done. But it will all work out, some how!!

I'll let you know probably Monday when things setting down around here.

Oh did I mention I need to get NEW TIRES for my Van tomorrow too!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Shopping

I'm headed to Butler this afternoon to finish up christmas shopping!!
So now I'm looking allover the internet for good coupons that can help me save money. I have found a few deals, Now I cant wait to see if they all work.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Princess #3

This is Rayanne Michelle
she is our 3rd and last child!
She just turned 1 in Nov.
the has yet to walk but she crawls everywhere. I know she will be walking soon since she walks around EVERYTHING!!!!!
she has 8 teeth now.
Loves Puppies, kittys and pretty much all animals!!!
Rayanne is still fully Breastfeed. she eats lots of our food too but she LOVES to Nurse also. I know we will be starting to ween her in the next few moths and that makes me a little sad. Because I know she is NOT going to wean very easy!

Princess #2

This Is Mackenna.
She is our second child. She is 5 years old. She will be six in April.
She is in Kindergarten at ACValley school.

Princess #1

This is Nichole giving us a BIG SMILE!!!
Nichole is our oldest child. she will be 7 that right in less than a week she will be 7. YIKES I just can believe time has gone sooo fast.
She is in 1st grade at ACValley.
We are planing her birthday this Friday night, she wanted a sleepover but mommy decided not this time. Life is too busy this close to Christmas.
Im going to atempt to post a few pictures on here.


Well i should start out with who we are!
Im Amanda Sherry.
I'm 27 years old
I have ben married to a wonderful man, Dana Sherry for 8 and a half years. We have 3 little girls (more on them later)
We both grew up around here, Western PA.
We still live here in Western PA!
We currently live in the house that my granparents built and lived in all thier lives. we are slowly fixing it up. Like a year ago we added a bathroom and fixed up a room for a nursary, doing all of this when I was 7 months along. But we did finish just in time for the arrival of Baby #3. (more on her later too)
Ok back to me, MOMMY. I am a stay at home mom, for the time being. Im not sure if I would have time to work, I seem to be sooooo busy just trying to keep things in order around here. Those of you who do work, I praise you. I know I probably will go to work after Rayanne, goes off to school but that will be atleast another 4 years. hopefully. I did work for about 6 mths while hubby was laid off a few years back. He stayed with the girls and I work. That at the time worked for us, right now him working and me staying home with the girls is what is working now.
I love my life, I wouldnt change tooo much about it, probaly just add a little more money but other than that I have a good life
3 wonderful Girls and a Wonderful Husband.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Well its only 12 days away!
Thats Just crazy to think about!!!

My brother will be coming home from Ky on Thurs!! I havent seen him since his wedding in Sept. So the CRAZYNESS will be starting this week.

I love christmas. Cause I love to give gifts.
Giving makes me feel sooo good.

The girls this year are getting specail gifts from daddy and mommy this year.
We made them toy box/hopechest wooden boxes withthier names carved into them.
They are finally built as of Tongight all that is left is to stain them. so that is my job. Since I have nothing else to do this week. LOL


Yay! I finally started my own blog!
For the past 9 months or so I have been reading blogs of other mommies!
I think it is finally time to start my own.
Not sure IF anyone will ready it but it wil be a place I can share my thoughts and special deals I find (mostly from other blogs)