Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nichole's Birthday

Nichole's birthday party is Friday!!
Guess whos mommy hasnt even given it much thought yet!!
We picked the date and time and sent out the invites(which we made) and that ends what I have done for or really even thought about the party.

She would like to have pizza bergers and chips for supper. she wants a sacavenger hunt, make a craft and eat Cupcakes. thats really all she has requested. Not too much. LOL

so what kind of craft?
what kind of cupcakes?
what kind of prizes?

This is soo not like me, I most have every moment planed of each party we host.

And to add to all the CRAMING planing, My brother and his New wife is coming in tomorrow, soo I have to clean, well I would be doing htat for the party anyways so thats not really extra. But I would like to have my Presents all wraped, since we are having christmas parties Sat night then again sunday. Not sure If i'll get everything done. But it will all work out, some how!!

I'll let you know probably Monday when things setting down around here.

Oh did I mention I need to get NEW TIRES for my Van tomorrow too!!!

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