Thursday, March 11, 2010

Giant Eagle shopping Trip

Here is what I got Today at Giant Eagle
(remember these prices are good till march 17)

(2)Phill cream cheese singles on sale for 2/3.00 I used a .55 off 2 (doubled)
paid just 1.90 for both

BettyCrocker Frosting on sale for 1.00 used a .50 off coupon (doubled)
got it for FREE

(3) Gatorades at 1.00 ea used a 1.00 off 3 Peelie coupon (a coupon on the package)
paid just 2.00 for 3 bottles

(2) sobe lifewaters on sale for 1.00 ea used a BOGOFree coupon
paid just 1.00 for both

Bounce Dryer bar on sale for 3.50 used a 1.50 coupon
paid just 2.00

Dail hand soap on sale for 1.49 used .35 coupon (doubled)
paid just .79

Kebbler cookies on sale for 2.00 used a .55 off 1 coupon
paid just.90

(2) Ragu pasta sauce on sale for 1.25 used 1.00 off 2
paid just 1.50 for both

GE Spaghetti noddles on sale for 1.00 but are FREE when you buy 2 Ragus
so I got it FREE

22 pack chips on sale for 6.99 used 1.00 off coupon
paid just 5.99

bananas .84

TOTAL before coupons & sales was over $35.00

then I used a 5.00 off coupon from last week
then $9.40 in coupons

for just $14.08 OOP
PLUS I earned a 2.00 off coupon OMYO ( I got this from spending $10 on Gatorade, sobe, & chips)

I SAVED OVER 55% and I earned FUEL PERKS!!

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