Thursday, March 11, 2010


Here is what I got at wal-mart today, March 11th.

I hit the BABY CLARENCE and got

Baby Sandals (to go with her Easter dress) ONLY $3.00

Jeans ONLY 2.00

(2) 2 pack of Gerber blanket sleepers (for next winter) ONLY $3.00 ea

TOTAL was just $11.00

Then I hit up the Travel sized items

*(2) men's Red Zone oldspice body washes .97 used a $3.00 off 2 coupon

(YES I MADE 1.00, which went towards other stuff)

*Downy wrinkle release used a coupon for a FREE travel size

*First aid kit .97 used 1.00 off coupon

Total was FREE with $1.03 in overage

MrClean magic Erasers 2.88 used .75 off

paid just 2.13 (I ran out and these are a MUST have with a toddler)

then I picked up Dana a bag of Bagels 1.88

so OOP was just 14.30 with tax!!!!

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