Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Wa-hoo! The US Postal service is offering up a new way for select people (depending on your particular demographics) to score FREE samples! It’s called the Sample Showcase. Just head on over to their site by copying and pasting this link
You will need to take a survey to see if you qualify. If you do in fact qualify, you will receive a box of assorted beauty, health and snack food items from multiple consumer packaged goods companies. The boxes will be branded with the Postal Service logo and include the tagline, “A selection of free product samples.” (I didnt qualify, BUMMER, but you might)

…And another great sample to snag! Head on over here to score a FREE sample of Color Grabber Cloths. This product supposedly acts like a magnet in your washing machine and will help keep your colored clothes bright, bold and vibrant!

…And the freebie keep rolling out! Just go here to snatch up a FREE sample of Plackers Grind-No-More (dental night protector)! Just click on the “Free Sample” link and start the checkout process. Shipping will be FREE too

Yay! Walmart has yet another new sample available! Just head on over here to score a FREE sample of Eucerin Daily Skin Balance lotion.

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