Friday, April 30, 2010

My Giant Eagle shopping trip

Went to Giant Eagle yesterday and Got a lot of GREAT deals!!

I did 2 transactions
In the 1st one I got . . . .

Pamper big box of diapers on sale for 18.99 I used a 2.00 off big box of diaper Q

(2) packs of Luvs on sale for 6.49 ea I used (2) 1.00 a pack Q

1 box of ideal Sweetner on sale for 2.79 I used a coupon for a FREE box

I also used a 5.00 off ccoupon (i got last week)

My total before coupons was 34.76
I used 11.79 in coupons
paid just 22.97 for everything!!!
And got a 6.00 OYNO for spending 30 in diapers!!

In my second transaction I got . . .

Ortago seasoning and dinner kit .78 & 2.00 used a .75/2 coupons (doubled)
paid just 1.28 for both

YoCrunch on sale for 1.99 used .75/1 (doubled)
paid just .49

(2)Yoplait gogurt on sale for 2.00 Used .75/2 (doubled)
Paid just 2.50 for 2

(2)OM bologna on sale for BOGO(3.78) used 1.00/2 Q
paid just 2.78 for 2 packs

(2)Pork chops on sale for BOGO
paid just 6.11 for 2 large packages

(2)Gillette razors on sale for 5.99 I used a BOGOF Q & 2.00/1
paid just 3.99 for 2 packs and got a Coupon for 4.00OYNheath and beuaty order!!

Bannanas 1.05

Ballpark dogs on sale for BOGO (5.38) I used .75/1 Q (doubled)
Paid just 3.88 for 2 packs and also got a coupon for BOGOFree Pirates ticket

before card and coupons it was 58.57

I also use 6.00 OYNO I got in transaction 1

I ended up paying just 16.80 for everything and also got
4.00OYNOhealth&Beauty and also a BOGO pirates game coupon worth $20!!

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