Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My shopping trip to CVS

I only spent .03 OOP today!!!

I bought. . .

a pack of Pull-upson sale for 8.49 and get 2.00 ECB
I used 2.50 off CVS Q and a 2.00 off Q
paid just 3.99 (and gotback 2.00ECB so paid just 1.99 for a pack)

2 Men's deo on sale for 2.49 ea and get 2.00ECB ea)
I used a 3.00 off Q
paid just 1.98 (and got back 4.00 ECB so I made 2.02)

2 packs of Mento gum on sale for .99 ea
I used a 1/2 Q
paid just .98 for 2 packs

total came to 6.95 +tax
I used 7.00ECB and paid just .03 tax!!
I got back 7.00 ECB (I got my greenbag tag buck if you was wondering where the extra one came from, LOL)

So today ALL MY ITEMS WERE CLOSE TO FREE (just tax!!)

dont you just love when they pay you to shop at their store!!!

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