Monday, February 8, 2010


WOW what a CRAZY weekend we had!!
First off on Friday night we got Lots of SNOW!!!! We didn't get as much as most people did but we did get enough to cause a few problems.
Then Saturday was busy busy, mainly getting ready for Sunday! LOL
Our Soup-in-bowl dinner at church, turned out to be pretty good. My soup was a big hit, tasted yummy, but not too soupy (is that a word?) the noodles soaked up most of the water but it was still very yummy.
Our Super Bowl Party was good tooo. The big Boys (hubby & his Friends) didn't get hurt playing football int he snow. Food was yummy and the kids were all pretty god. So that makes the Night a very Successful night.
so after the LONG and BUSY weekend, we slept in this morning and missed the bus, (Mommy forgot to turn on the alarm clock) OPPS. But We made it to school on time!!!!
so now the baby is napping and mommy is trying to slowly get caught up on some computer & house work. Plus I need to get our weekly menu planed, and my shopping lists made.

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