Friday, February 19, 2010

Shopping trip to Giant Eagle Deals

Giant Eagle

(10) cans of Campbell's chicken Noodle/tomato soups on sale for 2/1.00 I used1.00 off 10 coupon.
so I paid just 4.00 for 10 cans of soup

Cranberry juice on sale for 4/$10
So I paid jsut 2.50

Bananna .98

(2) Gordon Fish on sale for 2/$5.00 I used a .40 off and a .60 off (both doubled)
So I paid just 3.00 for 2 boxes

turkey hill icecream on sale for 3.34 I used 1.00 off coupon
So I paid just 2.34

(2)Classico pasta sauces on sale for 2/4.00 I used a BOGOfree coupon
so I paid just 2.00 for both

(2) Snickers Candy bars on sale for 2/1.00 I used a .50 off 2 coupon (that was doubled)
so these were FREE

so I paid just 14.97 with tax OOP!!

Without sales or coupons it would have been over $30.00

so I saved 50%

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