Friday, January 22, 2010

My Mommy Tip of the week

This week my tip is really just something we do that works for us!!
I Use 2 different diaper pails.
I got a diaper Gennie for my Baby shower and it works GREAT keeping the smell down BUT the cost of the refills are CRAZY!! It is over 6.00 each. When Rayanne was first born I used Just the Diaper Gennie and was chaging the refill around every 3 weeks. That was CRAZY so now we use the diaper Gennie for just Poop Diapers and use a trash can with wal-mart bags (FREE) for the pee diapers. This has cut back the need for changing the refills to only every 3 months or so!!
SO this is our way of Saving even just a little on the Diaper disposal!
What do you do?

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