Thursday, January 14, 2010

Deals for the week!!

I have been getting my shopping list ready for the week and decided to find as many coupons online I could to get the best deals. Here is some of the better deals I have found.
K-mart has General Mills cereals on sale for 4 for $6.00
I printed out 4 - one dollar off 1 box of general mills cereals (Fyi I had to do that at 2 differnt locations. you can only print a coupon out 2 times. )
so I will be getting 4 boxes of cereal for $2.00
Giant Eagle has a few good deals
Musselman's totally fruit 4 packs on sale for 10 for $10.
I found a coupon at for .40 off, well it can be doubled so
I will be getting a 4 pack for .20
Bagel Bits are on sale for 5 for $10.
I printed off 2 - $1.00 off 1 box coupon.
so I will be getting each of my 2 boxes for $1.00.
Quaker oats are on sale for 4 for$6 but when you buy 4 you get an instant 2.00 off so its 4 for$4.
I printed off 4 - $1.00 off 1 box coupon so my Oats are going to be FREE!! ( i had to print 2 at my mom's)
Toaster Strudles are on sale for 3 for $6 but when you buy 3 you get $1.00 off instanly so they would be 3 for $5.00.
I printed off 2 1.00 off 1 coupon and 2 . 55 off 2 coupons so I will be getting 3.10 or 4.10 (if they double the 55 coupon) off of 6 boxes. making 6 boxes for 7.90 or 6.90. or If I only use the good coupons I can get 3 boxes for $3.00.
Wal-mart's deal
Nabisco animal cracker boxes 1.00 each.
use a nabisco cracker coupon for $2.00 off 2 and these are FREE crackers!!!
So those are my good deals for the week! Do you have any?
Sorry I havent figured out how to add links to the coupons yet. I will still try!!

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