Wednesday, January 6, 2010


THis is really the first year that I have ever felt the need to make sooo many changes in our lives.

1.) We are going to really work hard on our Finances

2.) I want to make healthy foods for us and save money and time while preparing

3.) We are going to be giving the girls allowances. They are 5 & 7 now so I think they can handle a little resonsibality.

4.) I would love to lose weight, which I think will come off just by eating healthier and beign more active which leads to our next change

5.) Being more active as a family. Last year we go into Geocaching and would love to do more of that and do more family activities that dont cost much. (that is the key!!)

6.) Last but not least
to Potty train the youngest. (wich will save us even more!!)

I know by posting this I will having something to look back to during the year and keep posting the progress to these goals!

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