Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Eatin from the pantry Challenge

I have been reading lots of blogs tonight and found some great ones that I now follow.

the $5dinners mom is doing the "eating from the pantry challenge!"
I LOVE this Idea so that is what we are going to try.

It is simply taking an inventory of your freezer and pantry and plan meal from what you got with only buying the essentials and very very good coupon deals has a freezer worksheet that I printed out to make taking the inventory easier.

I also found some ways to better couponing.
right now I'm just starting get the hang of it. sometimes having good luck others not so much.

will be blogging Lots (I HOPE)
I'm also just getting lot of ideas on what I want to blog about and I think I'm going to do lots of different things.
I'm going to try to link tat speadsheet. if it doesnt work I will try try again.

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