Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just wanted to share

This coming week Giant Eagle will be having some really good deals that coinside with last Sunday's coupons and this coming sunday coupons.
So If you shop Giant Eagle I would suggest getting this coming sunday's Red Pulm coupons!!

MY FAVORITE SALE IS this special deal,

Purchase $20 in the following items and get $5.00 ONST (off next shoping trip)
Knorr(lipton) sides 10/$10
Breyers Icecream 3/$10
Ragu 4/$5
Promise spread, I can't believe its not butter 2/$4
Wish-bone salad dressing 2/$3
skippy peanut butter 4/$10
Hellmann's Mayo 2/$5

This coming Sunday's paper has

Wish-bone dressing $1.25 off 2
Promise $1.00 off 1
Skippy .40 off 1 (double it)
Knorr sides 1.00 off 3.00
Hellmann's .50 off 1 (double it)
Can't believe its not butter .60 off 2 (double it)
Ragu 1.25 off 3

So these make for some really really Good deals!

There are also quite a few other special this coming week!!

These sales dont start until Thursday, Jan28 and run till Feb 3rd!!
(wait until you get this coming sunday(Jan31) coupons for the above deals!!)

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